Earth 2150

The End of Poverty

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People before Money

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Earth 2150

The first part of The Winters Plan book is a trip 150 years into our future. I want to take your thoughts outside of reality, and stretch the size of your thinking beyond its normal limits. As you read this future scenario, quiet your mind and let yourself dream of the infinite possibilities for mankind and what we can achieve. Then we can design a new vision for America to bring hope and inspiration to all.

Since our reality is created through the enactment of our dreams, here in the creative mode of the human mind we can find the answer for the future of Earth. If we listen to our higher self, we can learn to manage our civilization for the betterment of the individual, and become a more spiritually driven society instead of a material one. Then we have a chance to create a world where human beings can live an existence that would seem like paradise. We are capable of great things when our minds are focused in a creative and loving mode.

Earth 2150 is a tour of Earth as I see it when we have learned to create our future using the full potential of mankind. This is the kind of world I would like to live in. I hope I can inspire you to want the same.

It begins when a college professor named Henry Carter is given the opportunity to travel into the future 150 years to witness the destruction and changes that man will go through. He gets a chance to see first hand how the world deals with wars, political upheaval, earthquakes and the great destruction caused by a giant comet that passes close to the planet.

Out of the chaos comes a new society that benefits from their many problems and creates a paradise on earth devoted to the development of man through the concept of creating a future based on the wisdom of education and not the force of legislation. The days of aggresive government power and rule by the wealthy are gone. Man has finally learned how to optimize the human living experience through developing the mind to its fullest potential. The people of Earth 2150 live for hundreds of years due to advances in technology. They have these DocBoxes that scan your body for disease, eradicate it, and then rejuvinate your body allowing you to live for who knows how long.

The new government, if you want to call it that, is located in Dallas, Texas. It is the home for twelve council members whose job it is to provide suggestions and ideas to the “’Thinkers” in the main cities. The “Thinkers” then explain the ideas to the public, taking into account the different cultural traditions that have prevailed from older times. The public educates themselves on any new ideas and vote on them. Once a large percentage of the public, over 95 percent, is in agreement, it becomes the way we do things. No laws are needed when you have so many people agreeing on how to do something. Those who don’t agree are given special attention, in case they have raised a good point that should be addressed. In some cases, one person has come up with an idea that turns the other 95 percent around and reshapes the concept all together.

There is little concern for economics, as commerce and trade have been greatly simplified. Most people live in small communities who grow their own food. If they need something, they trade with another community and send what is needed through the Tube. Barter has become the common method of commerce and works very nicely. Money is gone as it is not needed. When a business needs materials to make products, it either barters for them or they are supplied by the Committee on Materials in Los Angeles. In this way they only manufacture what is needed, as profits are not the concern. There is no waste and no money to get greedy over.

People don’t work for paychecks, but for the satisfaction of pitching in for the benefit of everyone and using their minds to the fullest. They are rewarded with whatever material goods they need. Depending on your education and expertise, you only need to put in so many hours a month with a business that can use your abilities, and the goods and services you want are available to you. You can go anywhere on the planet and show your work card, which, if up to date, allows you to leave the store with whatever goods you want. This works as people take only what they need. Materialism is a thing of the past.

Surrounding the planet is a network of bio-machines called Lumas. They are a special life form created and put into geocentric orbit 150 miles above the earth’s surface. They were created out of studies related to our own human brains. Lumas are approximately six feet in diameter and look like a giant brain floating in a glass ball. They are genetically engineered with a life expectancy of thousands of years and, due to their large capacity, are far more intelligent than humans. 

The Luma network has been in operation for the past 37 years and now has the capacity to reproduce its own when needed. They have become a self-sustaining network of living organisms that exists for the protection and development of mankind. Among their abilities, they can receive thoughts from all human and animal life and make it available for anyone to listen to. There are now 47 Lumas in the network, linking all of Earth’s citizens together in many ways.

The network of Lumas provides access to the collective consciousness of all mankind, allowing everyone to tune in for spiritual harmony, peace of mind, and education. They allow people everywhere to sense Creation and make a spiritual connection with all living beings. Lumas have helped to create a very open and honest society as there are no more secrets, misconceptions, or devious behavior.

You can travel anywhere on the planet via The Tube within a few hours. There are no more countries or boundaries separating people, so the world has really come together. Poverty is gone, as well as prejudice and hate. It's a peaceful world with happy and well adjusted people with amazing intelligence and intuition.

Technology has produced a biological material called “Elskin.” Their scientists have taken the DNA of an elephant and a crocodile, mixed them together with some mineral elements, and came up with this very rugged, living material. When you want to build something, you inject the Elskin material with the plans for construction and then pour it onto the ground. The Elskin will read the instructions and grow all of the walls and floors per the plan. It takes about two weeks usually to complete the growth and then you can move in and decorate. Elskin will last for hundreds of years and can reform itself if you inject a new construction plan. Your home or building can talk to you, has consciousness, and can take care of most of the household duties such as cleaning, cooking and communication. Elskin is as tough as a brick, but it is a living, intelligent organism.

There are many other Earth 2150 marvels that await you. Once you have read it all I hope that your mind will be in a position to create even more ideas that can benefit our own world. I'm sure you will have many great thoughts that can benefit us all. 

Happy reading,

Randolph Winters


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