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It has been brought to my attention that our farming community has suffered greatly the past few years. The family farming business has lost out to giant agriculture corporations who have taken most of their business. In an effort to help them out, Im making it legal to grow hemp. This will start a new market and bring new profits for our farming families.

In case you're not aware, the cannabis/hemp plant has been used for centuries for just about everything mankind needed. Paper made from hemp was used for books, bibles, maps, and money. You can produce four times as much paper from an acre of hemp as you can from an acre of trees at one-quarter the cost and one-fifth the pollution.

Hemp is ten times stronger, lasts up to 1,000 years, and can be recycled many times. The Constitution of the United States was printed on hemp paper, as were the first three drafts of the Declaration of Independence. Hemp is the strongest natural fiber on the planet and is 26 times stronger than cotton and 10 times longer lasting. It can be used in a variety of ways. It's the best source of vegetable protein of any food on earth, a machine-grade lubricant for engines, and it can be made into medicines for glaucoma, stress, arthritis, asthma, epilepsy, and others.

You cannot patent a natural plant like hemp, so the big wealthy families like the Rockefellers (Standard Oil), the Whitneys (Eli Whitney-Cotton Gin), the Duponts (chemicals in wood-pulp processing and cotton pesticides), and the Hearsts (newspapers) find it more profitable to sell us unnecessary chemicals, oil, pharmaceuticals, and cut-up trees. For years they have worked to keep hemp out of the market, so we have to use their products instead of more natural ones that work better.

By allowing our farmers to grow hemp, we will see the end of many toxic products and usher in an era of over 50,000 environmentally clean ones, and well get our farmers back on their feet.

In The Winters Plan, I present my ideas on how to change business so that corporations and lawyers can't control nature and force us to buy their toxic products. 

Thanks for listening,

Randolph Winters


 The Winters Plan 


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