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Changes for the IRS.

Did you know that we didn't have taxes before 1913. That was the year that our nations leaders decided to stop creating our own money, and buy it from International bankers. They opened a new bank called The Federal Reserve, which by the way, is not part of the Federal government in any way. Since our government was now BUYING our money, we had to have a way of paying for it, so they came up with personal income tax. This way you and I pay for the currency that helps create our national debt. If we didn't have the privately owned Federal Reserve, and made our own money like we did before 1913, we wouldn't need income tax. What a thought!

Closing the Federal Reserve and opening our own U.S. Bank and dropping interest rates will mostly affect short-term money for business and the stock market. It also means we will not be creating any more debt, so once we have taken care of the current debt to bond-holders of around 3.2 trillion dollars, we can stop collecting income tax. Since taxes currently bring in around 1.8 trillion dollars, this should take about 2 years.

This will be a big shot in the arm for the American family income and will give them far more money to work with. This is part of changing the economics to benefit the way we live and shift money away from the wealthy and back into the public. Families need money to raise their kids and this is a start in that direction.

I will inform the IRS to carry out the following changes to make your final tax payments easier.

Simpler Tax Plan. I will order creation of a simpler tax code making preparation easier for people and encouraging  use of computer tax software like Kiplinger Tax Cut. Since were going to close the IRS in two years, I have also decided to go to a straight 5 percent tax, no deductions allowed, for personal income to make it very easy.

Corporations. Currently, corporations are enjoying record profits and tax favoritism. They can afford to pay their fair share. Im making an increase of 15 percent on corporate profits and increasing the tax tables to go up to 50 percent.  This is the start of encouraging independent business instead of corporations.

Inheritance Tax. There will be no more taxes on inheritance of any kind. Also no taxes on personal gambling winnings.

Collections. All seizures of property for taxes owed will stop. Tax debt may be discharged through bankruptcy. All uncollected taxes will be arbitrated and monthly payments worked out. No interest will be charged on tax liabilities. There will be a one-time penalty of $100.

In The Winters Plan, I present my ideas on a new money system that changes the way we think about economics. Public expenditures are backed by the worth of our nation and create no debt. Business is no longer taxed and is free to operate in a new environment without the burden and pressure of capitalism and corporations. 

Thanks for listening,

Randolph Winters


 The Winters Plan 


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