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The new Americas!


I want to invite other countries to join with us and live according to our new Domestic Product Economics for the future. Once we have demonstrated a better way to handle our money so it benefits the development of the individual, I think we will see many countries wanting to follow our example.

Letís start with Mexico. They are our neighbors and are already connected to us in many ways.

The first step is to ask the people of Mexico if they would like to join us. We will educate the people as much as possible about our new system and inform them that if they want to join us, they should stand up for themselves and put the initiative to a vote. If a large percentage of their country wants it, you can be sure the politicians will fall in line.

If they decide to join us, the first step will be to change the money system so we can fix their economy. Once the money system is in place and the concept of Domestic Product Economics is adopted, their new government can move forward and start putting money into the economy. 

We will start by building their infrastructure. Millions of workers will be hired to repair the old roads, build new ones, and repair their cities. This means new water systems, electrical energy plants, sanitation systems and new buildings. This will make way for better commerce and allow the people of Mexico begin a better way of life.

Along with the roads will be the development of The Tube for Mexico. It will be built to connect all major cities in Mexico and hook up with the Tube we are building here in the United States. Within a few years most of the Americas will be accessible via The Tube.

To help build their new infrastructure lets send a team of our best engineers  and manufacturing specialist to educate and guide them on the best techniques and latest advancements in materials. This will help Mexico come into the modern age of technology. The information and help is a gift from the people of The United States. We expect nothing in return but their friendship.

At the same time we can begin to build a new education system. The Bank of Mexico will put billions of dollars into paychecks for construction of new schools and teachers. This will mean more dollars into the pockets of the people and start to educate them to a higher level. 

Next, we will rebuild their health system like ours with new hospitals, medical schools, and health products. This will bring even more high-paying jobs. 

As the country begins to change its face, billions of dollars will be put into creating small business. The giant international corporations that have dominated Mexicoís industry will be replaced with privately owned businesses owned an operated by its own people. Mexico will be on the road to a well educated democracy that will leave its third world image in the history books.

Once Mexico is on its feet, and no longer a third-world nation, other Central American countries can follow suit. We can ask Canada to join us, and all of the Americas will be living as one nation with one currency, one language, and a common goal to work for the development of the individual.

In The Winters Plan, I present my ideas on how to bring economic prosperity to all nations and eliminate greedy governments. Its time for some new way of doing things and leave behind the capitalistic ways of the past. 

Thanks for listening,

Randolph Winters


 The Winters Plan 


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