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Living in harmony with nature.

We must save our rivers, lakes, and air if we expect to be healthy in the future. I want a dedicated congressional committee to work on the environment. They will be committed to making suggestions on how to live in better harmony with nature. The role of this committee will be to educate the public and business on how to dispose of waste and use energy in a safe manner, and to search for cleaner and safer ways to supply energy to our society. They will conduct Environmental Expos to both educate and learn from the public. The primary objective is to educate while passing laws to protect the environment when necessary.

While we enjoy many new advancements in technology, few have made their way into the area of energy. We are still using oil, coal, steam, and gas to run our world. Hundreds of new ideas have come along, but because of the giant corporations who dominate the field, they have not made their way into the market place. This committee will have as its job the responsibility to look for new ideas and incorporate them into our society. They will be an open door to our inventors and dreamers in our search for clean energy for the next century. The members of the committee will also be charged with finding a safe way to eliminate the tons of toxic waste we have buried in the earth, and in the oceans.

The oil industry must be put into the history books as we make the changeover to more sophisticated means of powering our cars. For instance, in 1969 a Philippine inventor named Dingle created a car that runs on water. He has been driving it for over 30 years while trying to get someone to help him.  His ideas are well known to our government, politicians and the car companies. But of course it has been kept from us so the oil companies can make the big profits. 

It's time to take good ideas like this and put them to good use instead of hiding them. There are solutions for almost all problems we have if they were just allowed to come forward. It is capitalism and the handful of wealthy people who control the world that are draining our pockets for profits and controlling our congress so that we can't have clean air, free energy, and the many other inventions that are tucked away in small inventors garages.

This committee should be the answer to taking us into the next century with clean energy that protects our environment and ends pollution and toxic chemicals.

Thanks for listening,

Randolph Winters


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