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On June 16th, 1999 the U.S. Census Bureau analysis reported that our current world population is 5.99 billion people and that every hour there are about 6,181 deaths, but 15,008 births. This means the world population is increasing at the rate of 8,827 people per hour, or 77,321,212 per year. At this rate we will double our population from 6 billion to 12 billion in less then 8 years.

Over population is becoming our greatest problem. It is already putting a strain on nature, our food supply, our social systems, cities, health and undue pressure on our political systems. As industry flexes to meet the demands of a larger population it kicks out more and more pollution and toxins in our air which is lowering the oxygen content that we need to survive. We must quickly recognize this great danger and how it degrades the quality of our lives and threatens to make our future a miserable existence. By reducing our population we can all live better quality lives in a more manageable world.

I want to get the population of America down to around 100 million and the world down to around 1 billion. We can start a quota system of births for different countries based on so much space for each individual. We will need to really make an effort the first few years to reverse the trend of rapid growth. We also need a real attitude adjustment among the religious leaders who would encourage more children to poor families just so there can be more Catholics or Muslims etc..

In the United States we have many illegal aliens that have entered the country trying for a better life. I will let them stay and close the doors to immigration for several years until we get our own country in line. I do want all of these illegals to learn English and go to school so they can fit in better and contribute something to our society.

In The Winters Plan, I present my ideas on how to deal with the problem of supply a large population with all of the paper, food and materials it wants. A change in our farming, and the release of some badly needed inventions will help greatly. 

Thanks for listening,

Randolph Winters


 The Winters Plan 


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