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The End of Poverty

We must take some time to help out Americans and people in other countries who are in great trouble. Every year, 40 million innocent men, women, and children needlessly and ruthlessly perish on this planet from Hunger, Starvation, Disease, and Malnutrition. 150,000 die every day, 40,000 of who are children. Besides infant mortality, the other consequences of hunger in children are stunting of growth, iron-deficiency anemia, poor learning abilities, and an increased chance for disease.

Each day, an estimated 3 billion people worldwide live in absolute abject poverty, making less than $1 a day.

According to 1998 USDA statistics, in the United States alone:

         11-12 million are hungry
         23-24 million people are food-insecure (cutting the size of meals and skipping meals)
         Number of hungry children: 4.2 million
         Number of food-insecure children: 9.4 million

We probably throw away enough food every day from restaurants, markets, and wholesalers to feed most of these people.

In the United States, the greatest country on Earth, the poverty line for a family of four is $16,400. Who Are the Poor? 35.6 million people, or 13.3% of all Americans, are classified as poor. Of all demographic groups shown, poverty was highest among female-headed families with children (59.1 percent).

Children in female-headed households: 59.1%
Asian and Pacific Islander children: 20.3%
Foreign-born and non-citizens: 25%

White children: 16.1%                           Black children: 37.2%
Hispanic children: 36.8%                       Families: 10.7%
Children in poverty: 19.9%                    Children under six: 21.6%
Seniors: 10.5%                         

 (Above information provided by the Department of Commerce Bureau of the Census)

Poverty is the side effect of capitalism. An economic system that serves the rich and does nothing for the poor. If we change our money system and switch to my new Domestic Product Economics,  we can see that all people of earth get a chance at life. We have the intelligence and the technology to end human suffering. Lets do it!

Happy reading,

Randolph Winters


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