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Mandatory Voting!

Since were having open elections with a broader base of candidates I think we can expect a larger voter turnout. In the last election between President Clinton, Ross Perot and Senator Dole, 146 million people registered to vote, but only 96 million voted for anyone of them. This means about 50 million people did not vote for the office of President for whatever reasons. President Clinton won the 1996 election with 49 million votes, or only 32% of the vote. If those 50 million people who did not vote had instead supported another independent candidate, they would have changed the very system that they are dissatisfied with.

I would like to see all Americans make their vote count because if you donít vote then you allow a minority of the people to elect our officials. If everyone votes, even if it is for other parties, then democracy works and special interest groups and the wealthy have a harder time controlling us.

In Australia voter apathy has disappeared because of mandatory voting. If you don't vote you must pay a fine of $100. It is my hopes to reverse the trend of apathy and get more Americans involved in the affairs of our country. Perhaps we should try it here.

In The Winters Plan, I present my ideas on how to change the voting system so that the political parties are not completely in control of the elections. My new OPEN election system eliminates parties and allows our better people to step forward and take their place in Washington. 

Thanks for listening,

Randolph Winters


 The Winters Plan 


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